Windsurfingschule Gerlach-Ott GbR
Inhaber: Klaus Gerlach & Friedemann Ott

Office Germany
Kapellenstraße 16 A
55124 Mainz
Tel. 0049 (0)6131 473037
Email: info(at)
USt.-IdNr.: DE 148073604

Venue Netherland
Surf- und Catcamp Veluwemeer
Aqua Centrum Bremerbergse Hoek
Bremerberg Dijk 35
NL 8256 RD Biddinghuizen
Frank Vonderschen (geb. Hartmann)
Email: info(at)
Tel. & Fax (April - Okt.): 0031 (0)321 332534
Okt. - April: info(at)


General travel terms and conditions

In addition to the legal provisions of the travel contract law in § 651 BGB aI the following travel conditions are agreed:

1. Registration

The contract is with the mutual signing of the contract concluded by the parties. The contract signer vouches for the contractual obligations of the participants. Single registrations are legally effective written booking by fax, e-mail or letter.

2. Payments

Within 10 days after signing the contract / booking entrance a deposit towards the travel price of 50% of the tour price must be paid. The balance is due in accordance with the relevant agreed payment dates.

3. Withdrawal

The resignation shall be submitted in writing. In case of withdrawal fixed compensation is due, which is calculated according to the following percentages of the travel price per person, but at least 50 € per person:

  • until the 30th day before departure 20% of the price,
  • until 22 days prior to departure 30% of the price,
  • until the 15th day before departure 40% of the price,
  • until 7th day before departure 65% of the price,
  • from day 6 before departure 85% of the price
  • and no-show 100% of the price.

If so requested by the contracting party / Bucher after the conclusion of an appointment, which is within the temporal scope of the travel, made changes to the travel date, the place of departure, the accommodation, the mode or individual travel services can be up to 30 days before departure a rebooking fee of 50 € per person will be charged. Subsequent changes can, as long as their conduct is at all possible, be carried out only after withdrawal from the contract to the above conditions and simultaneous re-registration, this does not apply to changes that only cause minor costs.

4. bankruptcy protection

In the event of insolvency is to ensure that, as far as the travel services are not so, the travel price paid and the extent necessary expenses for a contractually agreed return journey will be refunded. In these cases, the contractor has on presentation of security note a direct claim against the R + V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Taunusstr. 1, 65193 Wiesbaden.